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The finance committee is responsible for managing the finances of the association in conjunction with the property management company. This group is also responsible for approving money for new ventures and suggestions from the homeowners. Management of the funds generated by clubhouse rental are also managed through this committee.



Make office a library, book exchange, obtain a computer for office, camera for events. Provide homeowners the opportunity to offer their expert services. Election forums, scholarships, Community Awareness Day, events for the children in the community.



This committee handles reservations for the clubhouse. Forms must be completed and approved to the clubhouse. Established rules and guidelines are used in order to complete reservations for each rental.



This committee enforces the architectural covenants of the community and ensures that additions and upgrades to your property are within the standards of the covenants. This ensures the protection of property values and aesthetics of the community. Forms must be completed for approval before you begin your project.



The maintenance committee is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the clubhouse, pool, tennis courts and all recreational areas in the community.



This committee is responsible for welcoming new neighbors and planning neighborhood events. Examples: Community Food Drive, Cookouts, Christmas party etc.



This committee is responsible for creating and distribution of newsletters and other publications.



This committee is responsible for publishing and maintaining information on the community website.



This committee is responsible for neighborhood safety and keeping homeowners abreast of crime trends and other suspicious activities that may affect property and families.



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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are your voice to the developer and property management. The representatives work with all committees to ensures a common focus and goal of maintaining and improving the neighborhood.